Sortor Bushido Kai Karate is a local, family owned and operated dojo in Bend, Oregon, teaching Bushido Kai Karate under Sensei Brian Sortor.  Bushido Kai is a blend of martial arts based on Japanese shotokan karate, and including aikido throws and wrist locks, jiu jitsu grappling, tae kwon do kicking, judo throws, wushu weapons and martial gymnastics, and tai chi movement and form. See what classes we offer, learn more about us and meet our senseis!

We have martial arts classes and private lessons available for students ages 3-5 (Little Warriors), 6-12 (Kids Karate), and 13-adult (Teen/Adult Karate).  Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us or stop by the dojo at any time to watch a class.  Visitors are always welcome.  We can't wait to meet you.

**We are proud to be able to offer martial arts training to EVERYONE in the Central Oregon community at a price that will fit literally any budget, through financial assistance, trades and scholarships for any student (no financial need requirement), made possible by our Good Thought Good Action Foundation.

Student-led demonstration for

2013 Sensei Stuart Day of Remembrance


Welcome to our dojo!

Click here to learn about our Beginner’s Package!  It includes your karate uniform, belt, training DVD and book, private lesson with Sensei Brian, and a month of unlimited classes, all for just $58.
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Sortor Bushido Kai Karate
63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701 - 541.385.4985

July 13-17 ~ 9am-Noon

  1. -Martial Arts and Weapon Training!

  2. -Parkour and Gymnastics Lessons!

  3. -Ninja Nerf Battle!

  4. -Ninja Photoshoot with Custom
    Picture Frames!

  5. -Origami!

  6. -Japanese Calligraphy!

  7. -Ninja Style Capture the Flag
    and Hide and Seek in the dark!

  8. -Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses!

  9. -Ropes, Agility and Ninja Skills Training!

All drinks/snacks included!

Age 6-12.  $125.  Space limited, contact 541-385-4985 or  Scholarships available, please ask :)

* Summer  K A R A T E  e-Coupon *

  1. -1 karate uniform and belt

  2. -1 training DVD and book for at-home practice

  3. -1 private introductory lesson with head instructor Sensei Brian Sortor

  4. -1 Sortor Karate water bottle

  5. -UNLIMITED martial arts classes (we have class every weekday!) from June 12-September 7, 2015!

Start any time in June or July 2015!

Good for ages 5 to adult.  Expires 8/1/15.  New students only.

MUST mention this e-coupon, or print it and bring it in,

to get all this for just:

** $120!! **

Savings of over $200!