Sortor Bushido Kai Karate

63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701

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Sortor Bushido Kai Karate

Co-Owners: Senseis Brian Sortor and Kristina Knittel

63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701



From our innovative and unique all-encompassing martial arts program for adults and teens, to our Little Warriors pre-karate program for 3-5 year olds, to Chinese weapons, to self defense, to martial gymnastics, Sortor Karate offers something for everyone.

Our goal is to create truly diverse and skilled martial artists with a varied skillset and love of lifelong learning.


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Kids Martial Arts (Ages 5-12)

The amazing young martial artists enrolled in our classes for ages 7-12 all learn Shotokan karate, aikido movement and takedowns, judo throws and falls, jiu jitsu submissions, Chinese weapons, personal self defense, kickboxing striking, and martial gymnastic kicking.


**This class is also open to any 5 or 6 year old students who have successfully completed our Little Warriors pre-karate program, or who are able to test into the class in a free evaluation with Sensei Brian Sortor. For this class, we have the 5 and 6 year old students separated in their own small group classroom, where they are taught the exact same curriculum and skills as the older kids, with the exact same testing requirements and discipline structure, but all done in a way that is more developmentally appropriate for them.  In this way, we hope to create an environment where every student of every age can succeed to the fullest according to their personal effort.

Adult Martial Arts (Teen/Adults Age 13+)

The martial artists enrolled in our adult/teen training program all learn Shotokan karate, aikido movement and takedowns, judo throws and falls, jiu jitsu submissions, Chinese weapons, personal self-defense, kickboxing striking, and martial gymnastic kicking.

Little Warriors (Age 3-5)

In our Little Warriors program, potty trained kids/toddlers age 5 and under learn martial arts movement, karate fundamentals, Japanese terminology and life skills (such as forming lines, left/right, following verbal instructions) in a safe, friendly, fun environment.


The classes utilize games, short drills, and obstacle courses to teach kids in small classes.  Safety, life principles, and the appropriate use of martial arts skills are part of the curriculum developed by Sensei Brian and Sensei Andrea.  Little Warriors learn real karate moves and basic self-defense ideas, gain confidence, balance, and coordination in class.


We have no-gi grappling classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45pm. The class is open for free to all students, and for all non-students the class is $100 for a 10-class...

Martial Gymnastics/Parkour

Martial gymnastics includes all parts of martial body movement: Flexibility, joint and muscle mobility, safe falling/tumbling, jumping/spinning kicks, and basic gymnastics (cartwheels, aerials,...

Self Defense/Fighting

All students enrolled in our regular kids, teens or adults karate programs are taught self-defense striking and submissions in our regular classes, from the white belt...

Fitness & Workout Classes

Fitness is a vital part of any well-rounded martial arts program, and indeed of any life lived well! So, we do workouts and teach fitness principles in all regular martial arts...

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