Sortor Bushido Kai Karate

63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701

Text/Call: 541.385.4985 |

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The following awesome businesses call the dojo home:

  • Bend Bootcamp - Group and private fitness classes, obstacle course training, TRX, and more!

  • Coeur Bend Yoga - Naturopath, martial artist and yoga instructor Dr. Michelle Mattingly teaches restorative, reflective  yoga classes!

  • UCA Capoeira Bend - Afro-Brazilian Capoeira martial arts training!

  • Private Lessons - A wide variety of independent contractors teach martial arts and fitness private lessons and small group sessions!
    Sortor Karate Senseis

If you are interested in getting a quote or tour of the space for your event, meetings, or classes, please call/text 541-385-4985, or email

Welcome to our dojo!

We love the beautiful facility that we call home. We offer this facility, subject to owner approval and scheduling availability, to nonprofits and for profit businesses for very reasonable subletting rates, and FREE in some cases. See below for prices and amenities, and make sure to check out the pictures and videos on the rest of the website to get a feel for the space.

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Our facility features include:

  • Two separate, large training rooms with 23-foot high ceilings

  • Fitness gym with weights, plyoboxes, bands, jump ropes, rower, pull up/dip machine, treadmill, Bosu balls, hand weights, yoga balls, toddler obstacle course equipment, mobility equipment, focus pads, martial arts weapons, pull up bars, and more

  • High quality ZebraMats flooring

  • Fully mirrored training areas

  • 12 hanging and standing kick bags

  • Two bathrooms, four individual changing rooms and a shower

  • Office for meeting clients

  • Ample spectator seating in both classrooms

  • Separate warm-up mat area

  • Sound systems in both classrooms

  • 24-hour key box entry

  • 24-hour night vision-equipped video surveillance system

  • Heat throughout, and AC in the large classroom, office, lobby, bathrooms, changing area, and shower (everywhere except for the green room)

  • Easy self-serve scheduling for your classes on our centralized scheduling calendar

  • Free WiFi throughout

  • Audio/visual equipment for presentations

  • Tables and chairs to seat 30 for meetings

  • Easily accessible location on Empire right off Hwy 97

Nonprofit Prices

We offer our space to nonprofit organizations for FREE, subject to insurance requirements, for meetings and uses that are open to the public and free to the public. We offer our space for any other nonprofit uses for a mere 10% of what you bring in that day, or $100 for a half-day rental, whichever you choose.

For-Profit Business or Personal Uses

We offer the dojo under three price structures for any uses that are not non-profit:

  1. One-Time Uses
    Events and one time uses are just $100 for a half day (12-hour) rental, or $50 per hour.


  2. Ongoing Relationship - Paying Hourly
    Paying hourly for regular classes or lessons, but without a monthly payment agreement, is just $20/hour.


  3. Ongoing Relationship - Paying Monthly
    We offer to charge either a low flat monthly rate (negotiable based on your needs and income), or a percentage of your monthly income rate (payable at the end of each month)
    ​​. That way, you can get your business started, knowing that if you're not making money that month, you're not paying rent. Any per-hour uses that are in addition to our agreement will be charged at just $17/hour.

You pick what suits your needs best and results in the best rate for you, no damage deposits are required, and after an initial 3-month trial period, the rental agreements are month-to-month.

We strongly believe that Bend should be a place where small businesses can operate, people can be employed, and families can make a living, without getting priced out of their dream by huge and constantly-rising start-up and fixed costs. We are happy to share this beautiful space with quality local businesses and non-profit organizations, and it allows us to afford our rent as well.

Contact 541-385-4985 or for more information!

*All of the above are subject to the owner's approval of your use, and we reserve the right to reject any use for any reason.