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Fitness is a vital part of any well-rounded martial arts program, and one of the fundamental aspects of living life well.

Fitness & Workout Classes


Fitness is a vital part of any well-rounded martial arts program, and indeed of any life lived well!  So, we do workouts and teach fitness principles in all regular martial arts classes.  (Click for more information about our regular kids martial arts program and our adult/teen martial arts program , which include workouts and fitness in class.)



Bend Bootcamp runs fitness classes at the dojo on weekday and weekend mornings! Check them out at .



We also have a gym with a treadmill, rowing machine, weights, jump ropes, tons of mobility equipment, dip bars/pull up machine, plyoboxes, heavybags, bosu balls, wall balls, and space to do your own personal training.  This part of our facility is available for free any time to all students, and the parents of students while their children take class.



Sensei Brian Sortor is a Level 1 certified CrossFit personal trainer, and has CrossFit certifications in mobility and movement, powerlifting and endurance training.  He utilizes this training, as well as his experience training in a variety of martial arts and gyms over the years, to provide excellent personal training private lessons and workouts in classes.


You can also contact dojo family members Mark Daugherty and/or Teresa Coats at High Desert CrossFit about CrossFit for adults and fitness cross training for kids. Additionally, Oregon CrossFit has trained many of our black belts and is a great resource for fitness.



We recommend Clark University of Martial Arts for muay thai and jeet kune do classes if you are interested in quality martial arts based fitness.



We recommend Juniper Yoga for hot yoga and GROOVE Yoga for unheated yoga. We also offer weekend restorative yoga classes at the dojo (check the schedule for class times and prices!).



Several senseis at the dojo also specialize in fitness and have special certifications, competition histories, and special training. Please contact the office at to get connected with a sensei specific to your need for private training or scheduling your own small group class.