Sortor Bushido Kai Karate

63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701

Text/Call: 541.385.4985 |

Defensive self defense, submissions and grappling are part of the curriculum for all martial artists at Sortor Karate.


We also offer additional opportunities to compete in and expand grappling skills, both in traditional jiu jitsu, and in no-gi MMA-style grappling.


We have no-gi grappling classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45pm.  The class is open for free to all students, and for all non-students the class is $100 for a 10-class punchcard.  Anyone can come try one class for free first.  We are welcoming towards beginners and more advanced students, adults, teens, women, all fitness levels - we make partner matches accordingly so that students are both challenged and safe.  Children are allowed by special permission only (email for more information), and MUST attend with a same size partner.


We believe that being a well-rounded and well-prepared martial artist means having the ability to defend oneself whether standing on your feet, or on the ground, and an awareness of what tactics may be used against you by any kind of opponent or attacker.


Because of this belief, we incorporate takedowns and submissions into our self defense training in our kids, teen and adult martial arts classes, from white belt beginner classes on up to black belt.  (Click for more information about our regular kids martial arts program and our adult/teen martial arts program.)


From second degree purple belt (intermediate level) through black belt, all students in our regular kids, teens and adult martial arts classes also learn basic jiu jitsu in class, and are taught takedowns, submissions and grappling in a fighting setting, as well as in a self defense setting.  We progress the intensity and contact only as students are comfortable and their skills increase.  Our pre-black belt curriculum includes getting to the blue belt level in Brazilian jiu jitsu.


Sensei Stuart Quan, the founder of the Bushido Kai system, was a national champion wrestler, and Sensei Brian Sortor, the dojo’s owner and head sensei, currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Roy Dean Academy, and also trains in no-gi grappling. Both senseis believe in having a “ground game,” and its importance to personal safety, and we incorporate their knowledge and skills into our curriculum for all students.


Our grappling classes are open only to students who are training with us in our regular martial arts classes.  However, we do offer grappling/jiu jitsu private lessons to anyone (students or not) with Sensei Brian Sortor, Sensei Jeremiah Nord, Sensei Evan Gibson, and Sensei Grant Gibson.  Please call 541.385.4985 or email to schedule a private lesson, or to sign up for our regular martial arts classes and receive grappling training through our karate curriculum.


We recommend those interested in strictly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu only, or MMA fighters looking for grappling and stand-up, to train with Coach Ryan Clark at Clark’s University of Martial Arts. Or, if you are solely interested in training in grappling for the purpose of MMA fighting and would like to train with Sensei Brian or one of our wrestling/grappling senseis, please contact to schedule private lessons.  Private training is the best way to gain skills specific to your needs and prepare for your next fight, or if participating in our full martial arts program does not fit your training schedule/needs.