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We love our amazing kid martial artists!

Over the course of a child’s training from a white belt beginner, through the intermediate belts, to a full-fledged black belt, our goal is to create a truly diverse and skilled martial artist, with a humble heart for lifelong learning.

Kids Martial Arts
(Ages 5-12)

The amazing young martial artists enrolled in our classes for ages 5-12 all learn Shotokan karate, aikido movement and takedowns, judo throws and falls, jiu jitsu submissions, Chinese weapons, personal self defense, kickboxing striking, and martial gymnastic kicking. We are proud to offer a uniquely blended style that will not only give your child martial artist a chance to develop a broad range of different skills and competencies, but will also stretch their mind, get them out of their comfort zone, and give them something challenging to work hard for!


Beginners / New Students

All new students start off as white belts. In white belt class, kids learn safety, basic self defense, Jiu Jitsu arm locks, Judo sweeps, Shotokan movement, falling, and Japanese Karate fundamentals, along with an introduction to the principles of Bushido Kai (the Way of the Warrior): Compassion, courage, honesty, justice, duty, honor and courtesy.

**We do not offer these classes for any children UNDER age 5, and we do not make exceptions because it is not in the best developmental interests of toddlers for us to do so. Thank you for understanding!**


The Future
As students progress in their skill levels, they are allowed to test for higher belt ranks.  Throughout this process, according to each student’s skill level, we introduce new martial arts styles and more advanced techniques, fighting, and weapons.  Over the course of a child’s training from a white belt beginner, through the intermediate belts, to a full-fledged black belt, our goal is to create a truly diverse and skilled martial artist, with a humble heart for lifelong learning.

White, yellow and blue belt are beginner belt levels, and usually take 4-8 months per belt. First and second degree purple belt are intermediate belt levels, and usually take about a year each. First and second degree brown belt and red belt are advanced belt levels, and usually take 1-2 years each. Black belt is next, and black belt is forever! The journey to black belt takes an average of 7+ years, if training full time.

What is Included in Tuition

Along the way, in addition to unlimited regular martial arts classes at your own belt level, students enrolled in our classes have the opportunity to train in more advanced wushu/martial gymnastics classes, weapons classes, no-gi grappling classes, participate in the gymnastic TrixTeam, and be involved with the Assistant Sensei training program (wherein they learn teaching and communication skills), and take any lower belt classes, all at no additional cost.


Our monthly tuition is all-inclusive, and gives each student the opportunity to train and pursue their interests and skills as much as their personal motivation and schedule will allow.


How Often Do We Train?

Students in this age group typically start off training a minimum of 2 days per week. Our Beginner's Package, and all of our tuition options, include unlimited classes, so students may come to as many classes as they like for the same price. Tuition is monthly, and gives you unlimited access. We have classes for white belt kids all year round on Monday and Wednesday at 5pm, Tuesday at Thursday at 4pm, and Fridays at 5:15pm (during the summer, Friday classes are in the morning instead). White belts are also welcome to attend the grappling class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45pm.

For young students (age 7 and under) we recommend no less than 2 days per week, so that they feel successful, progress steadily, and do not need to practice at home. Older students who do more training on their own or who take supplementary private lessons may be able to take just one class per week. However, the more you train, the more you learn, and the more you progress! We would love for every student to aim to train for 3-5 hours per week! But some students are balancing many other commitments. So do what works for you! Karate should serve your life, not the other way around.


We also encourage all students to train extensively, pursue their martial arts interests and grow their skills through whatever training or competition opportunities may arise! We work with a number of nonprofit organizations to to provide scholarships to assist any student in pursuing additional training, either in or outside of our dojo, as well as to help fund tournament competition.

How to Get Started

Our Beginner’s Package is the way to get started in your training!  It is just $58 and includes a private lesson, a month of unlimited classes, your karate uniform and belt, training DVD and book.  The private lesson is required for every new student prior to starting group classes, so you can call/text 541.385.4985 or email today to book it!

Please Note:

This class usually has a 2 week - 2 month waiting list depending on the time of year. Please contact us to schedule your introductory private lesson at a time that is convenient for you, and that is how we hold your spot on the waiting list. Thank you!