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Our Little Warriors program was specially designed to transition kids in developmentally appropriate ways into a more structured environment while teaching basic martial arts and life skills.

Little Warriors (Age 3-5)

**Please note: Our amazing Little Warriors instructor Sensei Andrea Newcomb has moved out of state! As of 1/1/18 our Little Warriors program will no longer operate as a class. Instead, we will offer Little Warriors private lessons and small group private lessons, which can be scheduled on an individual basis for affordable rates. Please contact or call/text 541-385-4985 if you have a child under age 5 who would like to try some karate. For kids age 5+, we offer our excellent kids karate program!**

**Update as of 5/1/18: All of our senseis who teach children under the age of 5 are fully booked and unable to take new students for the foreseeable future. We cannot currently accept any children under age 5 for private lessons or small-group private lessons, and we do not offer any group classes of any kind for kids under age 5. We apologize for the inconvenience.**


In our Little Warriors program, potty trained kids age 5 and under learn martial arts movement, karate fundamentals, Japanese terminology and life skills (such as forming lines, left/right, following verbal instructions) in a safe, friendly, fun environment.


The senseis utilize games, short drills, and obstacle courses to teach kids movement and life skills individually or in small groups.  Safety, life principles, and the appropriate use of martial arts skills are part of the curriculum developed by Sensei Brian and Sensei Andrea.  Little Warriors learn real karate moves and basic self defense ideas, gain confidence, balance, and coordination in class.


The Little Warriors private lessons and small group private sessions are taught by several of our most patient, compassionate, and experienced senseis, accompanied by a number of young assistant senseis, who serve both as similar-sized partners for self defense drills, and “kid” role models, for our youngest little martial artists.


As children get more skilled and capable in a group setting, they have the option of transitioning into the older kids martial arts class , where we have a special small group transitional class just for 5 and 6 year old white belt students.  Because of the way the curriculum is designed, it is a smooth transition and kids are well prepared and confident to take their martial arts to the next level!