Sortor Bushido Kai Karate

63056 Lower Meadow Dr. #120, Bend, OR 97701

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Basic tumbling, safe falling, and martial gymnastic kicking is taught to all martial arts students at Sortor Karate.


We also offer additional opportunities to expand martial gymnastics skills, create gymnastic martial arts routines for competition, and improve flexibility and jumping.

Martial Gymnastics and Movement

Martial gymnastics includes all parts of martial body movement:  Flexibility, joint and muscle mobility, safe falling/tumbling, jumping/spinning kicks, and basic gymnastics (cartwheels, aerials, flips, etc.).  We also typically combine the increased flexibility, jumping power, and specialty kicking with wushu and weapons training, to allow our students to put together awesome routines for competition.


In our regular karate classes for kids, teens and adults, we introduce all students to flexibility, falling and basic tumbling from white belt onward to black belt.  As students progress in the belts and in their skill level, they learn more jumping kicks, spinning kicks, and aerial movements.  We also offer monthly martial gymnastics/wushu workshops open to all Sortor Karate students for free.  (Click for more information about our regular  kids martial arts program and our adult/teen martial arts program, which include free martial gymnastics training.)


Sortor Karate also has parkour/free running classes every Sunday, taught by parkour coach Eric Corrales.  The class is $5 per person and open to Sortor Karate students of any belt level, age 8 and up.


If a student at any belt level excels in martial gymnastics, flexibility or strength, they may try out for the TrixTeam which has weekly classes and helps students work further on gymnastics and competition skills.  Participation in the TrixTeam is free to all students, but a tryout is required.  The class also incorporates fitness and flexibility training.


We believe that martial gymnastics is just one part of what makes a martial artist athletic and well-rounded, so we offer TrixTeam participation and martial gymnastics training only to students who are already training with us in our regular martial arts classes.  However, we do offer martial gymnastics private lessons to anyone (students or not) with Sensei Brian Sortor and parkour lessons with Coach Eric Corrales.  Please call 541.385.4985 or email to schedule a private lesson, or to sign up for our regular martial arts classes and receive martial gymnastics training through our karate curriculum.