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Scholarships for Kids

There are a variety of ways to make training affordable, and we make a commitment to making training affordable for every person who is committed to training, regardless of financial circumstances. See the steps below.

Do this first: Find out what you need!
Figure out how much you can afford each month ($10? $50?).  Then, speak to the dojo office and figure out what is the lowest tuition rate you can get in your particular circumstance. Find the difference is between what tuition costs and what you can afford.  For instance, if your tuition would be $94.50/month (that would be the regular cost for a 12-month discount plan with a 10% self-employed discount, for example), and you can afford $60/month, then we need to find $34.50/month in scholarships.  That number will help you to apply and ask for funding!


Do this second: Apply to all of the options below, because each will provide small amounts, and pieced together, they can cover your tuition!


1.FAN - Stop by your child's school (or, if they are homeschooled, the public school they would be attending), and ask to speak to the FAN advocate (  Ask the FAN advocate about funding for after school sports, and about their Kids in the Game voucher program. TIP: Let them know how important martial arts are for your child's education and school experience, whether to deal with bullies, develop social skills, for physical health, or to improve focus and goal-setting. This helps them uniquely understand and appreciate your request and how it aligns with their mission.


2.KIDS IN THE GAME – Go to the Kids in the Game website to fill out their scholarship application form online. The sports season start and end dates are the start and end dates of the month(s) you need assistance paying for. If you don’t know how long your child will be training, just apply for one or two months at a time. The total cost of the program is how much tuition costs per month. Re-apply online as needed.


3.GTGA FOUNDATION – Scholarship application forms for the GTGA Foundation are posted at the Sortor Karate dojo.  You can use these to apply for funding for all non-tuition expenses (such as rank test fees, workshops, sparring gear, private lessons, tournament travel/entry fees, etc.), and usually the GTGA Foundation is able to cover 100% of these expenses for you.  Fill out the application completely and turn it in at the dojo office for your sensei's recommendation (the dojo office will send it to GTGA Foundation when it is complete).  Contact for more information or to turn in completed forms yourself. Re-apply as needed.


4.STATE/CHURCH – If your child is adopted, a foster child, is involved with DD services or wrap services, or has a DHS social worker, you can get funding for martial arts!  Speak to your child's case worker, social worker, wrap team, FAN advocate, or DHS office about funding. Additionally if you are a member of a church or place of worship, there are usually ministries that can help parents in certain circumstances ascertain funding for educational activities like martial arts.


5.HOMESCHOOLERS – If you are homeschooling partially or fully through certain online schools, distance learning schools or curriculum programs, you can oftentimes get funding through your program. Call up your organization and ask about funding (or using some of your pre-paid tuition) for phys-ed that is not a part of their curriculum.


6.  GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS, and UNCLES! – You may be surprised how many family members are able, willing and happy to provide funding for grandchildren's or nieces’ and nephews’ martial arts training, if you just ask.  A great activity that builds responsibility, discipline, focus, goal-setting, physical health, social skills, leadership, and many other necessary life skills, funding martial arts training for a child is appealing to most grandparents.  To sweeten the deal for them, we offer our “Senior Discount” to any student whose tuition is fully or partially paid by a grandparent!


7.  The Dojo – After the above options have been exhausted, if the amount you receive isn't enough to cover tuition and you cannot afford the remainder, please email the dojo owners at  We will get in touch with you about trades, additional discounts and more options for you!


(TIP: Save copies of your applications/waivers because you will need to re-submit these applications/waivers monthly or quarterly in order to re-apply for more funding.)



Through scholarships, discounts and trades, we make it possible for every single student to train at the dojo, regardless of their inability to pay, if they truly are committed to martial arts training.

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