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Self Defense/Fighting


All students enrolled in our regular kids, teens or adults karate programs are taught self defense striking and submissions in our regular classes. From the white belt beginner level on to black belt, we use increasing levels of intensity and more advanced moves and techniques as the students progress in their skill and fitness.  (Click for more information about our regular kids martial arts program  and our adult/teen martial arts program , both of which include self defense training.)   Our self defense curriculum in our martial arts classes includes self defense from standing attacks, grabs, chokes, and striking attacks, as well as takedowns, submissions, attacks that are taken to the ground, and sparring/fighting training.


We start fighting training with karate tournament-style sparring in our regular martial arts classes from yellow belt on up.  We blend in random-attack and multiple-attacker self defense from second degree purple belt onward, and bare knuckle sparring (with takedowns and grappling allowed) as well as basic boxing technique in martial arts classes from brown belt onward.


We have a no gi (street clothes) grappling class every T/Th at 7:30pm for all ages (anyone under age 13 must bring a same sized partner) that combines wrestling techniques and jiu jitsu grappling.  This class is free to all current students, and anyone from the community is welcome to come try one class for free as well.  After the first class, non-students pay $100 for a 10-class punch card.  Taught by Brian Sortor, a bushido kai black belt and Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt.



Sortor Karate also offers some awesome, practical self defense workshops, including 1-day or 3-hour Women’s Self Defense workshops (for females age 15 to adult) and 1, 2 or 3-hour kids self defense workshops (age 5-14, both genders).  Self defense workshops can be scheduled at any time that fits your schedule, and we can travel to your event, school or facility to teach self defense, anywhere in Central Oregon.  Call 541.390.2980 or email to book a private workshop for your family, friend group, kids’ group or team.  We also offer nonprofit rates for these workshops.



We recommend Clark University of Martial Arts for MMA, BJJ or Muay Thai training.


We recommend contacting coach Shawn Jewel at REACT Training Systems for comprehensive firearm safety and self defense training.

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