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 Although Sensei Brian teaches almost all classes/lessons at the dojo, we have other awesome instructors who teach various classes throughout each month.  100% of our instructors who teach any class have trained with us for years, and completed the following extensive, many-years-long screening and certification process:


  1. Background Checks - Sensei Brian and Kristina (the school founders) and all of the adult instructors at the dojo (both volunteer and paid) have regular background checks done and kept on file in the dojo office.
    2. The CDC’s “Heads Up” sports concussion prevention/treatment certification is required for all senseis.
    3. The KIDS Center/Stewards of Children “Darkness to Light” child sexual abuse prevention certification is required for all adult senseis.
    4. Completed our 30-hour internship: Prior to admittance into this exclusive internship program, senseis must be personally approved by Sensei Brian, and must have previously earned their blue “assistant instructor” uniform at the dojo. (Earning the blue uniform prior to entrance into the internship requires that they have 1. Trained at the dojo a minimum of 2 years, 2. Have passed a personality/behavioral screening by the dojo office, 3. Assist in a variety of classes, tests and workshops, 4. Showed impeccable, thorough knowledge of all lower belt curriculum, 5. Are caught up and dedicated to training their own belt level curriculum, 6. Having consistently demonstrated compassionate interpersonal skills, teaching ability, and communication skills.)  Internship completion requires participants to teach supervised private lessons for free with a variety of students for a minimum of 30 total hours teaching time, being evaluated by the students after every lesson, and have had a minimum of 3 conferences with Sensei Brian to discuss teaching skills and the results of their student reviews.
    5. Black Belt: Belt must be earned at Sortor Karate, not transferred from another school (red/brown belts are allowed to teach by special permission only, if they meet all other requirements, and they must have been trained entirely at Sortor Karate as well).  Black belt at Sortor Karate indicates 6-9 years or more of martial arts training, red belt is about 5+ years, brown belt is about 3+ years. (Also click here to see more information about the dojo’s black belts and junior black belts.)
    6. Age requirement: All instructors are adults, or responsible older teens who meet ALL of the requirements.  Children of course are not permitted to teach.


The assistant instructors listed below all teach private lessons, assist in classes/tests/workshops, and are committed to giving back to the community the love they have for martial arts:

Sensei (which is just a Japanese word meaning “teacher” or literally “one who has gone before”) Brian Sortor is the owner and head instructor at Sortor Karate, teaching all workshops, rank tests and most classes and private lessons.  Click here to read about him.

Sensei Wendie Hohman

Private lesson per hour: $35

Age: 45
Belt: Black
Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since August 2005.  Trained in MMA fighting at Smith Martial Arts 2011-2012.  Trained in kempo karate for several years, trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Roy Dean Academy and Clark University of Martial Arts, and currently trains in CrossFit at Oregon CrossFit. She is Darkness to Light, CPR, and CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified. She has also been the president of the Good Thought Good Action Foundation since its inception.

About:  Wendie was one of the first students at the dojo and has competed (and judged) in karate tournaments and performed in many demos over the years.  A former body-builder, accomplished motocross racer, and a lifetime martial artist, she really packs a punch, and she takes every opportunity to train in new martial arts styles and learn as much as she can.  Wendie specializes in weapons, creative forms and fighting, and teaches classes at the dojo from beginner through advanced levels.

Sensei Evan Gibson

Private lesson per hour: $30

Age: 19
Belt: Black
Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since July 2008.  CPR and AED certified. Has trained in Jiu Jitsu with JT Taylor for 3 years and earned a blue belt. CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified.

About:  An experienced tournament competitor, Sensei Evan is an intense, hard working martial artist, and an exacting and encouraging sensei.  He currently trains at Sortor Karate with his twin brother Grant (also a black belt), and in Jiu Jitsu at RPA with Coach JT Taylor.

Sensei Hunter Bart

Private lesson per hour: $25

Age: 20
Belt: Black
Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since December 2008.  CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified.

Sensei Cameron Burns

Private lesson per hour: $25

Age: 17
Belt: Black
Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since August 2005.  Training with Sensei Bill Holman at Bend Karate Club, 2011-2012.  CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified.

About:  Having trained at the dojo since literally the very first class ever held in 2005 when he was 6 years old, Sensei Cameron has more experience training at Sortor Karate than anyone else.  He was the dojo’s first ever Jr. Black Belt in 2012, and became the dojo’s youngest ever black belt in 2014 at the age of 15.  Cameron is a member of the Sortor Karate TrixTeam.  He has experience competing in, demoing in, and judging at tournaments, and is a fierce, skilled and determined yet compassionate and humble martial artist.

Sensei Jeremiah Nord

Private lesson per hour: $25

Age: 34

Belt: Red
Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since January 2010.  Trained in MMA at Smith Martial Arts, 2011-2012.  Trains in no-gi grappling with Sensei Brian Sortor.  Darkness to Light certified.

About:  Sensei Jeremiah is extremely knowledgeable and an experienced class instructor.  His engaging and creative teaching style, attention to detail, and his true care and concern for each individual student, make him one of the favorite senseis at the dojo.  Jeremiah has competed at a number of tournaments, and trains regularly in no-gi grappling.

Sensei Galen Smuland

Private lesson per hour: $30

Age: 19

Belt: Black

Training: Has trained at Sortor Karate since August 2008, and in MMA at Smith Martial Arts since 2012. Has trained in martial arts tricking and parkour since 2013 and is a member of the Sortor Karate TrixTeam. CDC Heads Up Concussion treatment/prevention certified.

About: Sensei Galen is an experienced teacher at the dojo teaching regular classes, grappling, TrixTeam, and even parkour. Galen has performed in many demos and tournaments over the years and is passionate about teaching karate as well as all of his other specialties. He is very friendly and fun with his teaching style and always willing to teach.  

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We also have a myriad other wonderful assistant senseis at the dojo - students of all ages, purple belt and higher, who you will see wearing blue assistant instructor uniforms.  These students assist in rank tests, workshops and classes, and have worked very hard for a long time in order to earn their blue assistant sensei uniform.  If you have any questions or need help at the dojo, you can always ask any sensei in a blue gi, and they will be able to help you.

If you would like a private lesson with one of our assistant senseis, or Sensei Brian, please email or call 541.385.4985 to schedule.