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Cameron Burns

December 14, 2010


Cameron Burns

Started training: August 2005

Tested for red belt: December 14, 2010 at age 11


Great life lessons. Protection . Fun. I have loved my karate experience. My karate journey has been hard but also a blast! After trying other sports, I started karate and now I have been doing it for a little over five years. Today, karate has been full of obstacles but very fun. I have no idea what is coming next but I am sure of black belt. It’s a wonderful way to make friends. Karate has been the best thing ever.

My karate journey began when I was six years old. I had tried out other sports and did not really enjoy them. My mom called a martial arts place in Bend and we were ready for me to start Tai kwon Do. The day she made that call a letter from Kristina appeared on the Homeschool Yahoo Group telling about a new dojo she and Brian were just opening! Something about that letter made my mom just “know” that this was the right place for me to start martial arts. I had my very first private lesson in August, 2005, and right after it I took the very first class in the dojo with one other boy and it was a blast! I knew karate was the sport for me. Karate has been arduous yet also extremely rewarding. Once there was a very close call at a rank test a few years ago. Even though Heian Sandan is a yellow belt kata it has been a challenging kata along with Bossia Sho and its mirror image which I nick-named my “unbeatable man.” Karate has been an extraordinary journey since the beginning.


My karate journey today is full of new challenges. It has been a year of stretching and growing for me. I have gained confidence, coordination and a greater amount of determination. This year, being a Brown II, I have had to take a few breaks. Not being able to be at the dojo every day has been hard for me. However, being able to practice at home and with friends has been great! It has been difficult sometimes to find time to be with my friends, except the great friends that I have made in karate. I love karate! Even though it has been a hard year, I never wanted to give up. I never quit. Tournaments are another extremely fun part of karate. I love the thrill of competing, especially with katas. Karate today has been filled with numerous challenges, much growth, and has been worth it!


The future. What comes next? I do not exactly know what the future will hold, other than black belt, of course! The skills I have learned these past five years will help me become an adult of high character. This is especially true since living by the Code of the Samurai: Justice, Honor, Courage, Duty, Compassion, Courtesy and Honesty is very important in my life. Karate is definitely beneficial and quite rewarding on many levels. It’s a great physical and mental workout and it’s good to know how to protect yourself. So, I will share martial arts with people all my life. Who knows what the future will hold!


Karate is a great way to make friends and stay fit. I have enjoyed karate for more than five years after attempting other sports. During my most challenging year of karate, I never gave up. Although the future is unknown, karate will always remain a significant part of my life. Karate is awesome because of the life lessons taught and being able to protect myself and my family and friends. I love karate for many reasons, the great life lessons, self defense and the fun of it.


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