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Josh Bruce

March 2, 2013


Josh Bruce

Started training: November 2007 - Age 7

Tested for red belt: March 2, 2013 - Age 12


If I am reading this right now it means that this test is almost over.


The training leading up to the test has been awesome , and way more exciting than other tests considering that I just tested for the second highest rank in the dojo and for me this is the beginning of training for Black belt. Before I joined Karate I thought that it would be fun to do Boy Scouts but when it came time to go to my first meeting I locked myself in my room and no one would make me go, so reading this today I’m glad that the stubborn 7 year old me decided not to do Boy Scouts, so a few months later I joined karate.  Karate is the best decision I have made and the best thing I have ever done.


I have been doing karate for a little over 5 years and at every single class I have been challenged every single time and loved it. In purple belt, I thought before testing for purple 2 it was just another class just a little bit harder. I guess that wasn’t such good idea, so before every test I am nervous, but this test I wasn’t as nervous, so either hello Red belt or I am facing my first failed test.


Max and I have tested together every single test, I’m not sure but that might be a record.  Having someone the same size, pushing me every class to be better has been great.


In each belt there has been something that I have really liked. In White, I was still figuring out how do a front kick but I figured out how to do it.  At Yellow, I really excelled at the katas like Heian Nidan which is hard but fun. In the middle belts, Purple 1 & 2, there were the first two weapons: the Bo staff and the nunchaku and I got pretty good at both of them. The last two belts have been the hardest but the most fun by far. The wushu forms are pretty hard to beat.


Karate has made me physically strong; in White I could barely do a push – up.  Also Karate has made me more patient and confident then I was before I started Karate.


I was going to karate only two days a week for 9 months which was not good, so I started going 3 times a week and coming to the dojo to practice on weekends, has helped me a lot preparing for Red belt.


Thank you to all of the other second degree browns for going extra hard on me in classes, also to Max for the best training partner anyone could have.

After tests I feel sort of disappointed that the test is over, so after I test for Red Belt there won’t be any more tests to look forward to at the dojo, which I will miss.


Thank you to all of the Black belts for helping me prepare for the test and not going easy on me because of my size. All of the classes they’ve taught have helped a lot preparing me for the test, and the private lessons I’ve had have been really helpful.


Thank you to Sensei Brian for  making me sore even before tests and being the best martial arts teacher ever, and Kristina for running the dojo the way she does.


And thank you to my Dad and Mom for driving me to the dojo and encouraging me to do my best in class.


Preparing for red belt has been the hardest training by far and I look forward to training for Black belt.


Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.



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