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Iqmal Wolfenden

June 8, 2013

Iqmal Wolfenden

Started training: January 2008 - Age 7

Tested for red belt: June 8, 2013 - Age 13


It’s time to start the second hardest part of the test. The first would be standing up

out of seiza fast enough at the beginning of the test. My journey has taken me to new

places, but why I started it I will never know. My feeling is that my mom told me that I was

going to do karate and so I did. The introductory class with Max is about the only thing I

remember about white belt. One day I became a yellow belt and took my first class where

we did sidekick drills. After being a yellow belt for some time I tested for blue and became

a blue belt. I remember taking the last class in the old dojo before we moved out of the

building. When the dojo moved to the “new dojo” it made it a lot easier for me to bike over.

Sometime later on I had my first test in the “new dojo” and became a purple belt. All

of my memories of purple belt are blurred and might be from purple two, I don’t know. I do

know that I more or less learned Bossai Sho in one class thanks to Kristina. After learning

my stuff for purple belt, I then tested for purple two.


Thoughts about going through purple two are messy and hard to figure out.The main

parts I remember of purple two is my test to brown and getting ready for it. I practiced for it

with Allie, Tyler, and Elizabeth. My brown test is the test I consider the hardest test that I had

done when writing this. The test was exhausting and at the end when everyone was

congratulating us I was too tired to realize what I had done. I’m pretty sure I had to walk

home after that test. My brown two test wasn’t nearly as hard as I knew what to expect and I

also made fewer mistakes than before.


Many people have helped me along my journey and I would like to thank them. My

mom, for making me go to class when I didn’t want to. Sensei for being so strong and

expecting so much of us. Kristina for making the business run. The black belts for teaching

classes and helping out. My friends here for inspiring me to go farther than I can believe.

Even the people in my classes that I help out in I want to thank for making me a better



One last thought is that pain, while all consuming at that moment, simply just lasts that

moment to always give it your BEST!


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