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Jarod Gatley

August 13, 2013


Jarod Gatley

Started training: September 2008 - Age 9

Tested for red belt: August 21, 2013 - Age 14


Every kid has a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. Well I was no


exception, I wanted to be a cowboy. One day when I got back from who knows where, I 


saw these white suits on the table, my first thought was, “My dream has just turned from 


being a cowboy to a bee keeper.”  I started karate that Tuesday. When I came to the 


dojo for my first class I can remember Grant coming to Chad and I, and asking us if we 


knew Taikyoku Shodan. We said no so Grant showed us the form. After seeing how long 


and hard it looked, I was freaking out. 


White and yellow went by in a flash, until, aw yes blue, the belt where I thought I


was in charge of the dojo. One night Sensei came up to me and we started to talk about 


how I had taken down a kid, acting like I was “The Boss.”


The next few years went by, then next thing I knew I was supposed to test with 


Grant, Evan, and Hunter, for red. Grant, Evan, Chad, and I had gone from yellow to 


brown 2 together, and hunter had joined us at purple. 2 weeks before the test, I was 


getting ready for it, when all of the sudden I fell with a huge pain in my hip, with tears in 


my eyes, I called my dad and told him what had happened, that’s when I found that I 


might have a hernia. We went to the ER and they told me that I had a torn muscle in my 


hip, and that I could not test. That was the hardest time in karate for me, But thanks to 


Barb and Mrs. Gibson I made it though. 


Before I leave, I just want to say thanks to Grant, Evan, Hunter, Cameron, Iqmal, and 


Galen for training with me,  to all the black belts, Jeremiah, and Dan, for beating me up, 


to all the adults for all their increment, and also to my mom and dad for… well if I go 


though all that they have done for me, we might be here awhile, and to sensei and


Kristina for putting up with me for all these years, and least but not lest I want to thank 


God, who loves me so much and lets me be apart of such a great dojo.


! ! ! ! !   THANK YOU




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