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Cole Blakelock

June 6, 2015


Cole Blakelock

Started training: January 2010 - Age 8

Tested for red belt: June 6, 2015 - Age 14


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” was a quote written by a Chinese philosopher by the name of Laozi in 531 B.C. Don’t worry, though. This isn’t a history paper.That’s as far as dates will go today. You can always see this quote as you walk through the doors of this dojo. I read them every time I walk in. In a way, this relates to Karate as one progresses through the belts. So I start with this quote as this test is my final one in the dojo; and a huge milestone and accomplishment for me. I have trained so unbelievably hard for this, and I have felt the most prepared for this test. Last weekend, during the Red Belt Tea Ceremony, I was told to enjoy this one last test in the dojo. At first, this sounded a little odd to me. How could I enjoy something like this? I don’t think I understood when I wrote this, but now, standing in front of everyone, after the test, I’m pretty sure I do. As well as that, coming with the end of the test, I am sure that when I read this, no matter with or without the color red around my waist, I know I tried my absolute hardest, and as I continue to train and grow, I know for a fact that I will eventually reach my goal of black belt, and even on past that.

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