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Cade Ginsburg

June 25, 2017

Cade Ginsburg
Starting training in January 2010, age 7

Tested for red belt June 24, 2017, age 15


I started taking karate here at the dojo about seven and a half years ago which is crazy to think about because that's half of my life that i’ve been a part of this special place. About a year ago I started to really think about my journey in brown two, leading up to what is to come in the future, and realized I had never put much thought into my training. I was actually amazed I had gotten so far without being as passionate as I could have been. I decided to change my mentality and continued training much harder, putting more of my heart into it instead of just going through the motions. Once I made this change I learned about myself, and more clearly learned what karate has taught me personally. It has taught me to stay mentally strong and calm in even the toughest situations, and learning the physical skills has done much more than just teaching me self defense; they can be applied to everyday activities throughout life. The journey through my training just the past couple years has given me the opportunity to build both mental and spiritual skills. On a day where i’m having a hard time, I can always rely on taking a couple classes and leaving everything else in the past, just being mindful and in the moment.


To get here today has taken a great amount of training effort, and motivation from my training partners and also sometimes my parents. I would like to thank them for pushing me to continue through my journey here and making me come to classes and train even when I didn’t want to or was “too tired” to. My training partners throughout all seven and a half years have also helped me and taught me so many helpful and useful things. Even more recently, I would like to thank both Patty and Crystal for being amazing training partners, and inspiring me the most to continue pushing myself to red belt. They have spent hours giving me advice and practicing with me on so many weekends and weekdays after class. If it wasn’t for their motivation and preparation, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I am so fortunate to have gotten to advance this far with their help. I am greatly looking forward to spending these next few years in the dojo with everyone else, and hope to make even more great friends in this final journey to black belt.



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